About Us

Zion Lutheran School, Belleville was founded in 1861. Zion Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered approach to education.  The education nurtures the child’s faith, equips him/her to use that faith on a daily basis, and prepares the child to share that faith with others.

Our vision:  That every child knows Jesus as his/her personal Savior



Zion School  May 1918 May 1918

In 1918, a large dwelling owned by Mr. Valentine Keck, Jr. on the corner of South Charles and East Washington streets was obtained for $13,000.00 There was two large classrooms on the second floor and one large classroom and a quilting room on the first floor .

August 1891

In August 1891, Mr. Theodore Deffner accepted a call to teach at Zion at a salary of $50.00 per month plus free rental.  Enrollment figures were 60 students in 1895, 1904 – 70 students and  1906 – 90 students.  Bellow is a picture of the 1891 Confirmation Cass.



  1891 confimation_edited-1

October 25, 1953

Ground was broken on October 25, 1953, for the parish hall and new school .


March 2011

Celebrating 150 years. The school children joined in the anniversary celebration on the afternoon of March 7, 2011, the anniversary date of the actual singing of the charter.  The school’s 300 students formed the number “150”.


zion150-1 large web

February 2001  to Present

In February 25, 2001 ground was broken for Phase I of the Master Plan.  Eleven new classrooms were added to the existing school building along with bathroom remolding.


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