Elective Hour

Elective hour at Zion Lutheran School is when upper grade students (5th-8th) get the opportunity to pick from some new, fun offerings to compliment their curriculum and all choices take place during the school day. The wide variety of choices for elective hour ensures that students are provided a strong foundation of learning while being exposed to different interests. There is something for everyone!

Elective hour choices include:
Art Club – Provides additional time in the study of artists and artwork; projects may be individual or group.
Axis & Allies – War Simulation Games “The perfect vehicle for gaining further insight into World War II” your Chance to rewrite history.  World of Business – Investigating what is needed to start a business, a space, finances, commercials, strategy and much more.
S.T.E.M. – Hands on Science to develop new concepts and out-of-the-box thinking.
Creative Writing – Releasing your creativity and imagination through writing. This course will help develop, revise and edit your own short story.