Elective Hour (new for 2016-17)

Elective hour is a new initiative at Zion Lutheran School for the 2016-17 school year. Upper grade students (5th-8th) get the opportunity to pick from some new, fun offerings to compliment their curriculum and all choices take place during the school day. The wide variety of choices for elective hour ensures that students are provided a strong foundation of learning while being exposed to different interests. There is something for everyone!

Elective hour choices include:
Axis & Allies (Strategic games are played while learning about America’s history and WWII)
Book Club (Students enjoy reading books and are introduced to it as an interactive, social experience)
Web Design (Students are working together to create a junior high website for ZLS)
Journalism/Yearbook (Photography, writing and publication production are covered)
Art Club (Appropriate art projects and lessons involving different types of art)
World of Business (Students get to create their own business and learn about all aspects of starting and operating a successful business)