Since our school’s founding, Zion Lutheran School has always been a catalyst for academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. That remains true today. Although children are taught the skills they will need in order to do well academically and beyond, we pride ourselves in teaching it in ways that are connected and interesting to children. ZLS’s curriculum is challenging and engaging, founded on very positive beliefs in children’s capacity for learning.

ZLS’ faculty is a committed and creative group who are charged not only with making the curriculum come alive in the classroom, but also with shaping it on an ongoing basis. Our teachers work together each and every day, ensuring that what is being taught is continually evaluated and improved.

Zion students learn to challenge themselves, to set goals for themselves, to stretch beyond their comfort zone, and to reflect on their accomplishments. A ZLS education fosters independence, leadership, personal responsibility and a long-lasting faith based approach to not only academics, but life in general.

Primary grades:
   Children from age three through the first grade.  In these formative years, we cultivate the habits of heart and mind that carry through a lifetime: an appetite for learning, a curiosity about the world, compassion for others, and confidence in individual abilities.

Middle  grades:   2 through 5, focuses on developing a strong academic base, sharpening critical-thinking skills, and making connections across subject areas. At the same time, we instill the habits of self-discipline, respect for others, and collaboration.  We teach to each child’s strengths in a genuinely warm, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere

Upper grades, 6 through 8, our students continue to build the individual talents, powers, and strengths that will guide them confidently into high school and throughout life.