We Choose Zion

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13840433_10154244758681285_1746635822_o (1)The Donovan Family
“We chose Zion because it is truly one of a kind! From the first moment we walked in we were treated with warm welcomes and happy hearts. It is obvious that everyone there loves and takes pride in what they do. They go above and beyond for not just your children, but the entire family. There is no other choice for the Donovan family. If you want a great academic and spiritual future for your children, then this is where you belong.”

The Boerm Family

“We choose Zion Lutheran School for many reasons, but most importantly, parent involvement within the classroom/school, smaller Boermclassroom sizes that make the school feel like family and the individual attention and assistance my children receive from the staff and teachers. Additionally, the daily devotionals to keep their faith front and center on a daily basis is so important, and no school does that better than Zion.”


The Schreffler Family
“When choosing a school for our son, we wanted to make sure that he attended one that not only took care of his academic needs, but his social and spiritual needs as well. The teachers at Zion Lutheran School not only emphasize the importance of Christianity and service to others, but they also serve as role models of these characteristics. The staff and parents work as a team to ensure the best IMG_4349education possible for each student. Zion also provides a top-notch before and after school program that involves numerous activities for children with working parents. Truly, we could not imagine our son going anywhere else, and we look forward to our youngest beginning his schooling there in the future.”




Gray family photos 2012 093The Gray Family
“Zion Lutheran School came highly recommended when we were searching for a public school alternative.  We knew that Zion was a well-established school, not too small, not too big (not only for my kids but also as involved parents).  It has been just the right fit for us.  Right away we were drawn in by the welcoming teachers and staff.  We’ve observed that God is the focus whether the kids are doing math, social studies or dealing with discipline issues.  We love knowing that teachers and staff are reinforcing the morals and Christian values that we are teaching at home.  It has truly served as an extension of our family. “

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The Keel Family

“Our family chose Zion Lutheran School because all five of my husband’s siblings attended Zion.  You can say it was “grandfathered in”.  We have two children who have graduated from ZLS and a 6th grader.  The quality education coupled with learning about the love of Jesus everyday is put into their lives.  One of the most important aspects of why to choose Zion is the amazing teaching staff and administration.  The teachers genuinely care for their students and show this by praying for them in their morning devotions.  Zion is like a big family!”


10155893_10202759936311449_8610956420171508976_nThe Baldus Family
“Our family chose Zion 19 years ago, when our oldest son was baptized at Zion Lutheran Church.  We continued to choose Zion for all three of our children, and have watched our oldest sons graduate and head off to public high school and college.  Watching our sons make the transition from a small Christian grade school to a public high school, over 10 times Zion’s size, only solidified our choice.  Zion provided a solid, Christian foundation that helped guide our sons through the obstacles and challenges that high school, and being a teenager, can throw your way.  We firmly believe the love and support the Zion teachers and staff gave to our sons helped mold them into the wonderful, Christian young men they are today.  We love watching our youngest daughter as her faith and love of Jesus grows every day.   We are blessed to call Zion, not only our church and school, but our family.”

BatesThe Bates Family

“We chose Zion Lutheran School because it was a small school and it provided a Christian education.  We continue to choose Zion every year because of the Christ centered hearts of the teachers and staff.  We couldn’t imagine our kids going anywhere else. ”







2015Card_ZionThe Ritz Family
“My favorite part of Zion is that it feels like family. Our daughter started preschool last year at Zion and we quickly fell in love with the school – both the structured preschool day that makes learning fun and the fellow parents, that share our morals and values. We love that Zion isn’t just a preschool, it’s a life-long experience that just happens to start at age 3.”

FAMILYSHOTThe Kuehn Family
“We chose Zion for its academic excellence and Christian education. We stay at Zion because we deeply appreciate seeing our daughters grow in a loving learning environment. As a Lutheran school alumna, Zion feels like home to me.”

 20160327_121743The Batchelder Family
“We’ve always witnessed first hand the dedication and love that the staff has, for all Zion students. The passion in our school is witnessed daily by students, staff and volunteers. The opportunities that are provided by Zion for all of us to serve both in the school and community are a true blessing. “