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Why Investigate Trees?

Trees fascinate children and spark their curiosity and wonder.  Close your eyes, and think of your childhood memories that involved trees.  Did you ever climb a tree, play chase and hide behind a tree?  I know I spent many hours playing around and climbing trees.  This study builds upon children’s interest in trees to help them explore science and social studies.  Rather than emphasize naming different trees, this study focuses on helping children develop an understanding of the characteristics of trees and their role in our natural and man-made worlds.

Thank you to Mrs. Stewart, Christopher’s mom, Mrs. Wade, Aiden’s mom and Mrs. Kohler, Reagan’s mom for cooking pancakes with us, we had a blast!  mix-2016_01



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The beginning of the school year is an exciting time!  Our lessons and activities are centered on learning about all the different centers in our classroom. Children learn how to organize the activity centers and the classroom as they find fun things to discover and then put these learning tools back in their designated places. Everything in our classroom has a place, and it stays in the same place all year so that children can find things and put them away more easily. During the first few weeks of school, children explore almost all of the main materials in our classroom while learning and having fun using them. During the first few weeks of school, the children will focus on six critical questions:

  1. What names do we need to know at school?
  2. What should we do if we get sad or scared at school?
  3. What are our rules?
  4. When do things happen at school?
  5. How do we make and keep friends and how can we be part of a group?
  6. What sounds do we hear at school and where they come from?

As children navigate their new surroundings, these questions will help them feel safe and secure in their classroom and school.

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