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    End of Our Tree Study

    Today Mr. Loose, Brayden's dad, came to share about things he makes with wood.  He showed us how he makes wooden picture frames. He showed us some pieces of wood that he stained, a piece he painted, and a raw piece of wood.  He also showed and explained some of the tools he uses!

    We then took a walk around our classroom and around the school looking for objects made out of wood! We found several cabinets, desks, shelves, doors, and even noticed that a lot of our toys were made out of wood. We also ran into Mrs. Tayon, our band director, and she showed us some instruments in the band room that were made out of wood! The children were so excited to point out the things that they saw that were made out of wood from trees!

    wood hunt

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    Shaving cream letters

    Today we "played" in shaving cream while practicing writing our letters. The children had a blast with this activity and  I was pleasantly surprised at how well they were able to copy and write the letters. This would be a fun and meaningful activity to try at home as well.

    shaving cream


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    Tree Explorations

    We have gone on several walks to check out the trees around our campus! We also measured around the circumference using our hands and with a ribbon. Here are some of the things we heard on our last walk:

    "Those trees are so big they are taller than our school!"

    "My arms fit all the way around this tree!"

    " Look, these are the roots."

    " What is this green stuff on the tree?"Tree Collage


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    Beginning of our Tree Study

    We started our Tree Study by going outside and observing the trees around our campus! We also started our web about what we already know about trees. We will continue to add to it as we learn more and investigate more about trees.

    beginning of tree study

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