Willboughy Farms Field Trip

What a wonderful day spent in God’s creation! Riding the bus to petting a goat, we had so much fun from the beginning of our day to the end!

Here is some of the things we did at the farm: made a tree necklace, saw and touched a variety of animals (ask your preschool what animals they saw), went on a nature walk, rode on a wagon,  and played outside

Thank you to everyone who went with us! Your help was appreciated!



Living & Nonliving

Today we talked about the difference between living and nonliving things. Living things grow and change. Living things need food and water. We looked at two items from our classroom and decided if they were living or nonliving. The preschoolers were challenged to find other things around them that are living and nonliving.


WOW! Experience

On Friday we had a guest speaker from Eckerts! Thank you Mrs. Tantillo for coming in and talking to us about how trees produce fruit. During her presentation she explained that the trees are dormant during the winter. Then in the spring the tree grows buds and the buds turn into flowers. Bees come to the flowers and gather pollen. Finally the fruit begins to grow. She brought in a branch from  an apple tree and one from a peach tree.  The students enjoyed being able take a close look at the buds and flowers.


Garden Work

Thank you Mrs. Kniepkamp for coming in to teach us about gardens. We learned that God takes care of gardens, animal and us. He provides us with the things we need. We looked at tools used in a garden and then planted our own grass seed. We are watching and waiting for them to grow!




Grandparent’s Day!

Thank you to all the grandparents and special friends who came for our Grandparent’s Day!  It was a wonderful day filled with chapel, book fair, reading and centers in our classroom! You are all a blessing to these preschoolers.