Band & Choir



Beginning Band
vailable to students starting in 4th grade at a cost of $105 for the school year payable to the school office.

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is music, and what a great opportunity for kids to express themselves but through playing an instrument.  At Zion Lutheran School, parents and students have made music a priority by virtue of the choral and the band programs as part of its curriculum.  We pray your child, along with your input, considers the possibility of learning an instrument.

Download our Beginning Band Information Sheet

One Together Advanced Band
The yearly fee for Advanced Band is $130 and can be made payable to the school office.

Advanced Band instruction takes place twice a week with regular performances during chapel and at worship at Zion Lutheran Church.  Band members also participate in the school’s music festival in the spring, performing either a solo or with ensemble or both.  Grades are given for participation in Advanced Band.

Download our Advanced Band Information Sheet

Questions about our band program? Contact Mrs. Dawn Tayon, Band Instructor at dtayon@zionbelleville.org or call 618-222-7428 or 314-239-8240 (cell).


The choir at Zion Lutheran School provides a growth opportunity for students to develop their vocal talents while gaining experience with public performances. We pray that our music program may bring glory to our God and honor to our church and school. They also share their talents by performing at festivals, school events, worship services at Zion Lutheran Church and more.

Advanced Choir
Who:  Any willing and able-bodied 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grader
When: Thursdays & Fridays (11:23-12:05) in the music room (C7)
Your commitment:
Four-six Sunday church services throughout the year (both 8am and 10:45am), various chapel services & other school assemblies, Advent service with Advanced Band, Christmas Musical, Festival of Arts (March), Day Trip with Advanced Band, Spring Concert

Won by One (dependent on interest)
Who:  auditions are open to all 5th – 8th graders.
Auditions will be scheduled with the students during the week of the 29th during the school day
When:  Thursdays – 7:30am – 8:05am
Your Commitment:
Participation in Advanced Choir, Lead various chapels and school assemblies and worship services and solos, duets, or vocal ensembles at the Festival of Arts. (March) *optional